There are billions of brands across the world and all of them are fighting for the attention of the consumer. So you can assume it is very difficult for a new start-up brand who doesn’t have millions in the bank to spend on marketing to get the attention of the consumer. However, there are plenty of ways you can get your brand out there with a small budget. The methods are:

1. Build a memorable brand identity.

What are the most memorable brands that first come to your mind ?? For me i think Pepsi, Nike and McDonalds. I see the logo and the colours that go with there logo. The most memorable ones are the least complicated ones. 

Keep a consistent colour theme in your logo that matches your website. So if you have the colours green and yellow in your logo , make aspects of your website and products include the exact same colour. Colour combinations is another way you can make your brand memorable because whenever someone sees those to colours together they think of your brand. Just like McDonalds has red/yellow, Apple has white and Pepsi has blue.

Expect audiences to look at your logo for a few seconds at a time. Design your brand identity so that it can be easily memorised within these precious few seconds. The reason for this is because the next time the audience takes a look at your logo it will make your brand seem bigger as they have seen it couple of times. This gains trust, which leads to sales.

2. Do this today, and again tomorrow.


How many times have you seen a Nike logo ?? Or Samsung ?? Or KFC ?? They spend millions and don’t expect to get all that back from that specific advert. They are just doing it to make you look at their brand. They do this build brand trust. KFC want you to think of them when you want some takeout. You can do the same at smaller scale. With consistency.

Whether you are posting a picture on Instagram or running an ad on facebook. Consistency is critical. If you don’t see a return on an advertising campaign today, then run a different one to a slightly different audience tomorrow. The more people you are able to reach the more awareness you are creating. Even if this exposure is for a few seconds. Even if you don’t get a sale, the fact that your brand is being seen should be worth it. If you have a memorable brand identity then this will have more of an impact if the viewer stumbles on your brand again. Running a campaign with us can be great for this. Even if you don’t get a sale the awareness is worth the money.

For Instagram, there is no point posting the same type of image with the exact same hashtags as yesterday. Post a different image with different hashtags that can reach new people. There is nothing wrong with using a few similar hashtags but try to expand into new audiences. For the simple reason of brand awareness.

If you see positive results from a method of marketing you did today, then do it again tomorrow. If you don’t see the results you expect, make a slight change and do it again tomorrow.

3. Traffic is better than sales.


The key is traffic. Your marketing target should be to increase your website traffic rather than increasing sales. The simple fact is more traffic leads to more sales anyway so your focus should be to increase traffic as you don’t just get the sales but you get the awareness with it. Even if you don’t get a sale and extra person knows about your brand and can think of you when they are making a purchase of a good you offer. Most consumers purchase from places they already know about, rather than look for a new place to buy from. So if you want your business and brand to last for the long term than you need to think of getting your traffic up.